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Jourdan Farris

Head Coach U14 Orange

Coach Jourdan Farris, a seasoned and dedicated volleyball coach with two decades of experience in the sport, stands as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring athletes and fellow coaches alike. Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, Jourdan’s journey in the world of volleyball began at a young age, fueled by her passion for the game and a relentless pursuit of excellence. After completing her undergraduate studies, Jourdan transitioned seamlessly into the coaching realm. In 2013, she took on her first coaching role at the high school level, where her ability to inspire and mentor young athletes quickly became evident. Jourdan’s coaching philosophy revolves around a holistic approach to player development, emphasizing not only technical skills but also fostering a strong sense of teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship. Over the past years, Jourdan's coaching journey evolved, and her impact on the volleyball community continued to grow.

Coach Jourdan’s coaching style is characterized by a perfect blend of strategic insight, motivational prowess, and a genuine love for the game. Her players often speak of the profound influence she has had on their lives both on and off the court, citing her as a mentor who goes above and beyond to ensure their success as her commitment to the sport extends beyond the court. As Coach Jourdan celebrates her 3rd season here at Dynamite Volleyball Club, she remains a driving force behind the success of her teams. Her journey is a testament to the enduring power of passion, dedication, and the profound impact one individual can have on a sport they hold dear.

Jourdan Farris
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