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At Dynamite Volleyball Club we are dedicated to providing athletes with the experience of elite training, where their athletic potential maximizes individually and collectively with each practice, every game, and every tournament. We make an effort to help each player optimize their potential in all levels of athletic and intellectual development, promoting integrity, respect and discipline on and off the court.


To become the leading volleyball club, producing the highest rate of high-performance athletes in the state; and to be recognized as the most complete, innovative and efficient volleyball training program for athletes. Lastly, to be able to help provide the opportunities for our players to continue their involvement with volleyball at the college level.

Training Philosophy

Complete Control of Fundamental Skills: To us, the teaching of skills and adequate fundamental techniques, not only is it part of our workout plan in each one of the categories, it is a training rule for all performance levels.

Physical Conditioning: The sport of volleyball requires high levels of technique and strategic intelligence to handle different playing situations. For this reason it is very important at DVC that each player is fit and able to carry out forceful and intense movements for long periods of time   (1 or 2 hours). To Dynamite, a physical training program is not optional, but indeed a part of the regular training of a volleyball player at any level.  For this reason, we rely on the knowledge and resources necessary for the analysis and efficient delineation of exercises and routines according to age, level, and the needs of the player.

Player Intelligence: To learn, understand, and master the execution of tactics and playing strategies is a fundamental part of training not only for the trainers, but also for the players.  The development of an intelligent game plan in our athletes promotes decision-making and efficient plays on the court and consequently, better playing performance.


Sportsmanship and Discipline: Certainly to Dynamite, the attitude and emotional maturity of the team athlete is extremely important.  Likewise, the intellectual development as a human being that matures through discipline, respect, and the management of responsibilities is cultivated just as much at the sports level as the social level.

Commitment: A volleyball team, beyond the strategic training of talents, requires a genuine individual commitment. It is on this individual commitment where the ambition, perseverance, and disciplined training of each and every one of the players of a victorious team falls back on. Similarly, the recognition of their respective roles on the team and how these impact the results in a collective manner is significant.

Love for the Game: We know that once the decision has been made to train or teach a sport at the competitive level, this becomes a lifestyle. With this in mind, the love for the sport, the love for volleyball is indispensable. At Dynamite we seek to promote in each one of our athletes the energy and passion to do the things they love to do. Commitment, loyalty, respect, dedication, and responsibility are only a few of the attributes of our training that we hope to pass on and develop equally in our athletes.

Family Atmosphere: We don’t just say it, we live it. As a family company, we hold our values very close and treat every player’s family as if they are our own. We know club sports aren’t just a part of the athletes life, they involve all members of the family – and we work to provide an open, comfortable and rewarding club experience.

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