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Mini Club Season

What is Mini-Club?

  • It’s a great introduction for beginners to play on a team without the time and financial commitment of a regular club season, all as they work on their skills to prepare them for the next level.

Season Details:

  • Season: August - October

  • Age Groups: U10 - U14

  • Practices: 2x /week for 1.5 hours a day

  • Tournaments: 2+ Tournament

  • Price: $500

  • Registration Required and spaces are limited, REGISTER NOW!

Training Principles:

  • Maximum contact means maximum learning

  • Learn the FUNdamentals of volleyball

  • There are a time and a place for everything and when it comes to specialization, it should be later not sooner

  • Players learn best by playing, not watching

  • Develop well-rounded players and they will always be in demand

  • Don’t just explain how to do it, make sure they understand why: maximize volleyball IQ

  • In the early ages, it is important to emphasize collaboration over competition

  • While the training must be fun, it must also be structured and disciplined

  • As with all subject matters, learning is maximized when we break down the process into small manageable parts however

  • It is important to continually challenge the players with new concepts in order to avoid learning stagnation/boredom

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